Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Dear Printer, please take your time. Because, you know, I have allllll day.

Dear Summer, you were so lovely and mild and green all season, you're invited to stay for the next.

Dear Nomz, I miss the heck out of you. Please be my co-blogger forever and ever.

Dear Pickle Chips, even two years post pregnancy, you are the best chip that has ever happened to me.

Dear Vacation, I know that if I wait for you, you will be worth it. Please be worth it.

Dear Malachi, Mama loves you with everything she is; you're the best boy and the greatest gift.

Dear Future, you're so bright! I'm excited to jump into you and see how God planned you with my best in mind. Let's always trust Him, yeah? Yeah.

Dear writer's block and/or any form of intimidation about spilling thoughts and feelings- googly, googly, be gone!

Dear Fall, I know we're something like frenemies. But, let's put our differences behind us and just enjoy each other's company. I like how colorful your personality is; I like how you inspire great photographic moments. I don't so much like your cold shoulder, though. Let's work on that.

Dear Ashley, your beauty stuns me every time I see you. I can't wait to see what your babies look like.

Dear Readers, Ashley is NOT pregnant. I'm just uuuuber excited for way-in-the-future stuffs. :)

Dear Emotions, go ahead, run rampant for a little while. You're usually so wrangled in that I'm sure you've got to get out and let off a little steam. Just be sure to leave my pride intact when you're out there doing your thang. kthxbai.

Dear Element Church. WOW. Wonderful, life-giving, convicting, fellowshipping, motivating, encouraging church! I'm in love with you and with your people and with your heart. You're proving to me that God cannot be contained in any box or any standard set by mere men. I'm having the time of my life watching God take you to where He has called water to spring forth in the desert.

Dear Switchfoot, thank you a million times over for writing Your Love is A Song. It's rocking my spiritual face off. And quickly moving to the top of my list of Most Amazing Songs Ever.

Dear You, you're amazing.


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