Wednesday, December 22, 2010

♫ I Believe...

Every year I get lost in "the meaning of Christmas. Between my Christian upbringing, the political madness (Say Happy Holidays, not Merry Christmas!), the busy-ness, the stress of money and time, the extra hours at work, and the constant noise around view of Christmas changes almost every year.

This year, it's for the better.

This year, I've officially decided that I believe in magic.

I believe in Santa as much as my little girls, because the excitement in their eyes is more convincing than anything I've ever been told.

I believe that the buzz of Christmas has been commercialized, and it's thing to be felt, not accomplished.

I believe that the true meaning of Christmas IS Jesus' birthday, but that you can believe in magic too.

I believe that things get harder for those around us at Christmas, to make us appreciate the things we can't reach or understand.

I believe that traditions are things you can start at any age.

I believe it possible to send love, peace and strength, instead of material gifts.

I believe in old fashioned Christmas cards, and will never email them.

I believe that those that are suffering should be our focus, instead of those craving spoiling.

I believe in the power of prayer.

I believe life shows us hardships, to force us to remember the small things.

After closing my eyes. and feeling my way through a store to find the perfect gift for somebody that needs texture...I believe that Christmas is held in the eyes of children, and in the touch of people with special needs.

I believe Christmas music rarely tells the story right.

I believe that Christmas is a time of year, not a single day.

I believe that "Christmas" goes by many names, which doesn't make them any more right or wrong. (This tradition has been around for centuries, and the original story has long been forgotten. How do YOU celebrate Christmas? What about your great great great great grandmother?...follow your history; open your eyes))

I believe in magic.

Yours Truly,


Danielle said...

I will never never never say "Happy Holidays". It is quite politically INcorrect! And I have a right to say "Merry Christmas!" just as much as someone with Jewish traditions has a right to respond with "Thank you, and Happy Hanukkah!" without either one of us getting offended.

Reesey Poo said...

I love Danielle's comment, hardcore!

I love that at this time of year, folks are buying for others, making for others, thinking of others, and traveling long distances to spend time with others. It's a season to think and to dwell on life and cultures.

Agree very much with everything you've said. No matter the amount spent, the food made, the decorations put out, or the presents opened... I always remember the family and time of year in my memories! I remember my friends, what they said, how they hugged, and my family for what they mean to me.

I LOVE the Christmas season... and there is no type of giving that is better than giving to others :)

Merry Christmas! and hope your kiddos are filled with anticipation of things to come! :D

Lover of your BLOG! said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS Naomi! Great blog!

I was going to email your Christmas card...but I guess not now...hee!

So many Christmas traditions in our family! We open ONE present on Christmas eve and the rest of them, after Church on Sunday morning. We sing together as a family around the Christmas tree on Christmas eve and play games, eat lots of food and drink warm drinks. So many FUN memories from our childhood, including one, that my younger sister is reviving this year...'toe socks' for all us kids (and we are adults)!

Love, joy, peace and a drama free Christmas is what I'm looking forward to with my extended family. Maybe a few tears as well, but they are happy tears.

I DO believe in magic!!! :)

Jennifer said...

I felt happy just reading your blog! You are able to articulate for the rest of us, what we REALLY feel. Or at least REALLY want to believe but get crowded with the cobwebs of negativity that is all around us!

Calamity Jill said...

I'm glad you reminded us that traditions can start any time, at any age. Every year can be something new or something honored.

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