Thursday, December 2, 2010

♫ Ain't no cookin' like yo' mama's cookin'

My mama and my baby!

I need to note, before I get started, that a lot of these things in this blog are meant to be funny, (I kid, I kid!) but for the most part, it's nonfiction.

I love to cook. I adore cooking, but lately, not only is it hard to find the time to do the entire project (come onnnnn, we all know it's not about wham-bamming something together...the prep and clean up are HUGE chores), but I also hate that I don't own a recipe. I've borrowed hundreds, I've mastered several, I can follow a recipe and tweak it a bit and still have it turn out fine. the saying goes, there ain't no cookin', like yo' mama's cookin'. Mostly, I want to know, now that I'm a mom, when this saying kicks in!

Here's the mom came from a mom that can COOK. Obviously, most grandma's (if you're my age) grew up in the depression, and learned pretty quickly how to make masterpieces out of thin air and flower. I think as of late, or society has made cooking too simple...problem #1 for those of us that want to be infamous by our kids someday.

My mom then married a man from Minnesooooohta. If you know anything about the midwest, you know that any food made in the midwest is deep fried, slathered, and covered in cheese. So, my mastermind of a mama, combined what her brilliant mom taught her, with my daddy's cravings her grew up with, and mastered recipes! Those that have ever had her (or my) chicken enchiladas, beer cheese soup, lasagna, chicken & noodle soup with practically homemade noodles, breakfast anything, baked delights, etc....know I'm not kidding.

Here's where the joking comes in...IF my mom utters the words, "Come for a meal! I cleaned out the fridge today, added eggs, and call it's really good!", OR, "I tried a new recipe on my pot roast, it's good this time!"...skip the invite. (I kid, I KID!)

My mama is a heckova cook, and I honestly can't wait until I inherit her gravy-making skills, her instinct to season when/where, her ability to know how slow to stir, and whatever else magic happens that makes ME a good cook, because I'm a mama too. Until then...I love you all for forwarding every one of your favorite recipes, for attempting my "new" recipes, and for laughing with me...when I kid, I KID!.

What's your favorite mama-dish?
Aside from the ones I listed above? My mom makes a killer bone soup. <---Not kidding.

Yours Truly,

5 comments: said...

You know, in my family, my dad's always been the rockstar in the kitchen; weird, right? (Maybe this is why Chris can cook/wants to cook, and I'm content at feeble attempts every few weeks.) He makes the most amazing steak, and burgers, and anything in the world that can come off the grill.
To her credit, though, my mom COULD always whip up a mean batch of chocolate-chip cookie dough—which explains my deep love for it.

Anonymous said...

Well I can say practice makes perfect. Im not sure that everyone has a dish that is totaly theres, but we like you take what we learn and add a pinch of this and a dash of that. I learned most of my cooking from my Irish grandma. I love to cook and even made a living at for awhile (maybe that is my size problem) haha I can say I truley miss my grandmas baked califlower and cabigge rolls.. I dont have any daughters to pass the skill on to, but I did teach my boy how to cook. For this I am so glad. I am always willing to share my kitchen with you anytime you would like.
Oh and Beer cheese soup would win one boys dad heart in a minute..

Sarah said...

My favorite dish from my mama has got to be her chocolate chip cookies. Classic comfort food!

What on earth is bone soup??

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the compliments. I just made "bone soup" and it's perfect. Haha

Your Mama

Angi said...

My mom used to make fabulous pork chops. Right up until I told her I loved them. Now she experiments every time she makes them - which is every time I go home because she thinks I like them. But she hasn't made a great pork chop since I told her how much I loved them TEN YEARS AGO.

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