Friday, December 3, 2010

**Facebook Awareness Campaigns

We had a ghost blog come in to our inbox today! I'm sure she'd love your two cents on this matter! - Nomz and Sazaran

Nomz's intro: To add a bit to this one...there are a lot of "Facebook Campaigns" that go around. Anything from "Change your picture to raise awareness!" or "make this your status if you agree!". It frustrates a lot of people that are actually out there DOING instead of SAYING. On the other hand, in my still raises awareness. Getting people to think and talk about certain issues is the first step in creating an action. Hmmm...what are your thoughts?

Ghost Writer:

Wondering if it bothers anybody else in the world when people think that just changing their profile pic on Facebook really supports something. If you get inspired, please write about it to your audience.

This is my status today after a very rough week (My son's friend's Grandma and Grandpa lost their house to fire this week. I went to a cops funeral and another has been senselessly shot, and I ran my truck through a barbed wire fence, etc...):

" Hold up. Exactly how does changing your profile picture to a cartoon character support the fight against child abuse? I don't get it. All that did was change your profile pic. ** If you really want to support the fight, get involved as a mentor, volunteer at a shelter or school, or send money to the nearest Salvation Army or Safe House.** "



Anonymous said...

Ok Ghost are my two cents.

Just because a person wants to participate in a fun Facebook 'picture changing/status wording' game that is going around...does NOT mean they are a bad person or friend.

I participate in those 'fun' things. AND - I still think daily about child abuse, breast cancer, I mentor 5th & 6th grade girls monthly, I volunteer at our local food bank and I get involved with whatever, whenever I'm called or not called to help.

The difference between you and me? I don't post drama about others less fortunes or losses, I don't BRAG about all of the above volunteer efforts that I do on a daily basis. I don't need or starve for the attention for the things I do behind my Facebook wall.

Facebook is for fun. Try it!

therese said...

Mostly, I'm not doing anything to raise awareness. Sure, the facebook message going around now is, "change your picture to help child abuse!" Well.. seriously... I don't think that's going to do much. Though, I was pleasantly surprised that the breast cancer bra thing went so far as the Susan Komen foundation. They loved it. Perhaps a children's anti-abuse foundation will too.

Point is, it's about sharing something from my childhood with others that are doing it at the same time. Think of it at a chain letter, and you'll be a lot less cynical.

I'd say the Breast Cancer Walk, Clothing Drives, Bell ringers, Donation boxes, etc. are a way to benefit physically from something. The posts on facebook are a way to benefit mentally.

Not everyone has time, money, inclination or desire to volunteer, donate, etc. And it doesnt ALWAYS have to be about materiality.

I'm sorry you had a bad week--loads of people have bad weeks--but you just brought up a lot of me, me, me in a post that was supposed to be about helping other folks! ;) Chin up, it's Friday, the holiday season is upon us, and people might be feeling extra reverent this season!

Anonymous said...

Dear anonymous, you take my facebook comments out of context and you should not hide behind the anonymous wall. If you dont like my status or thoughts simply take me off as one of your friends. Obviously you dont really "get" me anyway.

You know what I liked? I liked when Nomz and Sarah got on board with the bra "thing" they did this summer. They didnt just post the colors of their bras on facebook, they got busy and did a good thing. Now THAT was cool!

Sincerely, your ghost blogger

The Hogan Bunch said...

People may be irritated and disagree with the "facebook campaigns"... but the fact that we are blogging and discussing the cartoon character campaign against child abuse- well that's bringing awareness to this particular issue. Whether people are taking it seriously or not, its creating a buzz and causing people to ponder the epidemic of violence against children- even if it is just until Dec. 6th. The facebook campaigns may indeed be silly- the motive behind them may not be genuine, but the potential for someone to join in on the "fun", and then decide to make a REAL impact is there- and that is important. Just my opinion :)

Anonymous said...

I agree with the Hogan Bunch and Anonymous - join in the fun and understand the impact all these campaigns are making world wide. :)

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