Friday, January 7, 2011

stuff you may or may not be interested in.

conflict makes me feel sick.
it takes forever for me to make a decision, but when I do I'm confident enough to stick with it.
i'd totally be a barista again.
i love my dad but can't wait to move out of his house. or there might be a death in the family (of the animal sort).
of all the things i'm most grateful, it's for being allowed to be a mother.
i'm in love.
my pointer finger is double-joined and looks like it has been broken in half.
i wish dream interpreting books actually made sense.
i'm total girl and i frequently over-dress for an occasion.
the "snooze" button must be hit at least four times before i can drag myself out of bed.
"it is so happy to love." <---- first tattoo. for sure.
harry potter > twilight. there, i said it.
in life, i've gone from never speaking my mind to speaking my mind too much to knowing when to speak and what to say. iz good.
it frustrates me when people ask for help and then turn down every offer provided to them.
a recent lesson: God is not a cookie-cutter. He works in everyone according to their own person... and His will of course. but, what He has done for you or has told them is not the same for me.
my baby boy is growing and it astounds me how much he's starting to learn. it also makes me a little sad.
it's going to be an AWESOME year.
when you know... you know.
i'm not going to blog about this love, just yet. give us a little private time to revel in its newness and then you'll hear all about it. i promise. <3
‎"when I question something... i just buy a new outfit." <-- not originally me, still awesome.
my prime thinking time is when i brush my teeth.
i absolutely LOVE being a listening ear for my friends.
talking on the phone is not my thing, but i'll talk to him for hourrrrs.
God wants me to live in washington state, i just know it.


B. Pagano II said...

100% interested. And, I think I knew most of that. It is going to be an awesome year. <3

Jennifer said...

I love that you say something "small" in one sentence and then something "big" the next . Because its
all important :)
And YES. You are destined to live in Washington. Next door to me..

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