Monday, August 29, 2011

♥ Ta-dah!

I've found my inner DIY diva. She's fabulous. Her house is amazing and her projects are all to die for. This shall be her first post. There may be others, it just depends on what she finds.

First, I must give due credit to another crafty blogger from whom I borrowed this idea. Check out My So Call Green Life for inspiration and tutorials galore. You can thank me later.

For this project, you will need:

* a t-shirt. size medium or large works best so you have enough to make it shorter if you want. i've heard this doesn't work with 100% cotton shirts, so make sure you find a stretchy blend.

* rotisserie cutter (you can find them at wal-mart for about $12)

* cutting surface- you don't want to ruin any other surface because the cutter is sharp

* 10-12 beads with holes big enough for the fabric to fit through

* safety-pin (this is optional, it depends on the size of your beads)

To begin, I cut off the torso at the arms. Sorry, I didn't get a picture of this part because I didn't think to blog it until after. Anyway. Imagine drawing a line, horizontally, from one armpit to the other and that is where I cut.

Stopping just short of the seam, cut the whole section of cloth into 1/4" to 1/2" strips. Make sure you don't cut through the seam.

Take each end of the material in your hand and pull gently (you can do this in small section, too). Each piece will curl into itself.

Gather each attached end of the cloth and wrap them with strips from the shirt. I cut the sleeves, horizontally, to make the strips.

Cut one strip of cloth in the middle and string your beads with a knot in between each one. The holes in my beads were too small to simply string, so I used the safety-pin to poke the material into and through the other end. Tie the remaining ends together to complete the fancy, beaded, part of the scarf.

Wha-la! You've made yourself a chic, upcycled scarf for the fall! Send us pictures and we'll post them!


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