Wednesday, August 17, 2011

♫ A Dose of Nomz

Truth me told, Sazaran and I have slacked on this blog. This last year has created HUGE changes in not only this blog, our friendship, but our personal lives as well. We haven't deleted it because our ever faithful readers still check in on us (awwww, you guys! <3), and we have plans to revive this it comes to us. Before we can do that, I think we both owe you some updates. I'll start, and then I'll bug Sazaran, and maybe it'll kick off the possible best future blog you could ever fathom. We love writing for you, we adore that you've stuck around waiting for us, and we can't WAIT to turn the lights back on in this place.

In the last year, Nomz has:

-Moved from Wyoming to Colorado
-Continued to raise two bouncing baby girls, who are about to enter school (gaspSOB)
-Changed jobs, from Social Marketing Specialist, to Social Marketing Specialist working at an Accounting Firm
-Lost a friend
-Gained 100 friends
-Started another blog:
-Joined a non-profit organization called "Colorado Young Farmers"
-Might Possibly have joined the board of directors at another non-profit, it's unapproved and unofficial
-Fell further in love with Brandon, the girls, life...
-Traveled to Boston and Las Vegas, two new places for this girl
-Was in one of my best friends' wedding
-Watched my girls be Flower Girls in said wedding, their first public appearance in tutus!
-Fit BACK into my size 4/6 jeans
-Ran a 5K
-Walked a 5K
-Read over 100 books


I'm sure there's more. It's been a long year, long day, and my baby starts kindergarten tomorrow, so lemme alone.

Sazaran and I have changed monumentally this year, as you'll see, but our passion for writing continues and we'll continue to pop in and surprise you with gorgeous words as often as you'll let us.

While we're waiting for her to jump in on this bandwagon, ...what's the top ten things you've done while we've been gone?

Yours Truly,


Anonymous said...

Wowsa! You sure have done a TON! And I've wondered where've you've been.

I can't even list the things I've done, because you just down right outdid me with your amazing list!

Yayyy for the cool, sexy, sophisticated Goddess of paperclips!

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