Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Santa Claus-Tis the Season!-Nomz

I cant stand Santa. Im not sure if it is my upbringing, or just the fact that the greasy ones in the malls just creep me out.

A small history of Nomz and Santa:

I was told there was no Santa at a pretty young age. We always get secret gifts from somebody with no name…but it was never signed ‘Santa’. Getting something for Christmas had nothing to do with how good we were all year (whew, let me tell you, that, is a relief). We were taught that the spirit of giving is the most important thing, and that our focus needs to remain on God during Christmas, not fantasy.

So…I was that kid…you know the one in kindergarten that breaks every other child’s heart by letting them know that there is no Santa, Easter Bunny, or Tooth fairy? Yes, yes that was me.

So, before I started this blog, I decided to do my homework. It’s been some time since I was in school, and because I’ve always found him a bit out there, never really cared to pay attention. If you want to know the history of the American version of “Santa”, please check out the following link: http://www.the-north-pole.com/history/.

So. Now I have these two little sparkle-eyed girls that see Santa in the malls. I am trying not to let this germaphobe creep-aphobe take over and refuse to take them, so we walk by and wave and get all excited. Both afraid of strangers, prefer not to get up and close and personal, and I think that’s the perfect compromise.

I do not believe in Santa, I find him mostly creeper-material, and I am at a loss what direction I should go with this with my chillin’s. What are your thoughts?


Sazaran said...

Santie Claus is a fun part of the tradition of Christmas, but not the reason. While keeping Jesus the focus, maybe educate the girls about the real Saint Nicholas. That way, they can participate in the excitement of the jolly ‘ol man while not getting caught up in the lie.

Sounds good to me. :)

danielle said...

They are going to find out that santa doesnt exist at one point or another. Might as well let them break the news to their fellow kindergarten friends! hahahahahaha
just kidding. thats not nice. but then again, i had the same upbringing as you.....
I like Sarazan's advice ;)

Susan Littlefield said...

You could probably be taught to find evil in almost everything on earth. I think that Santa Claus is one of the joys of childhood...the magic, the fun, the festivity, the excitement, the sparkle. There's nothing wrong with allowing both the religious meaning of Christmas as well as the fairy tale version. Why not allow your children to experience the wide eyed amazement of Santa, who travels the earth in a sleigh pulled by reindeer. Its the same as reading them a bedtime story; would you ban all books because they're not 100% factual? Of course not! You read to your children so that they may learn, but also so that they may be entertained. Such is the way of Santa Claus. Yes, eventually they will learn that he isn't real, but in the meantime, why not allow them to experience the excitement of the fantasy?

Anonymous said...

While I think Santa is a way fun thing to do this season, I cant stand it when kids think its the ONLY reason of the season.
I also want to point out that the reason your not always wise parents told you very early in life that santa was not real was because you were absolutly petrified of him. You had bad dreams when you were a year old about him and I just couldnt let you be that afraid of something that just wasnt real.

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