Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Marley-Nomz

Sorry we’ve been absent around here. Guess it’s that time of year.

Between catching a cold, being at work the day after Christmas, and having sick kids at home…im not really motivated to write. But thought I should check in with the latest and see what ya’ll are up to.

Christmas was mostly fabulous from the kid aspect. The girls couldn’t have been more blessed to be surrounded by such a massive loving family, and an overly giving one too!

I spend Christmas Eve with the grandparents as I do every year, and it was both joyous and emotional to see my grandfather doing better than Ive ever seen him. Fabulous food, pretty lights, the perfect tree, all glammed up with my beautiful sister and favorite crazy aunt…and lots of pictures of everyone feeling more festive than normal.

Christmas Day was a bit different for us this year than any other year. Kayce and I decided to part ways…so he took the girls to the ranch, while I lazed around with my BFF (who by the way, got me the most amazingly unexpected gift…). The afternoon was spent watching the new flick “Marley and Me”.

Ok before I go in to that…small disclaimer. This girl does not cry through movies. The only movie that has ever made me cry is Armageddon…something about daddy’s and daughters grabs the heart strings. Ah hem, back to the review:

I bawled. Like a big ol’ baby. Perhaps it was the emotional day…but im pretty sure it was the movie. Don’t get me wrong, it was excellent. Great cast, great script, lots of humor, beautiful puppies. BIG TIME SAD ending…that takes forever. We’re not talking 3 tears that you can hide when people glance over (like my little brother sitting next to me…pretty sure he thought I was quite the nut case), we’re talking sobbing. And I wasn’t alone. The sobs echoed around the theatre.

Crazy sad movie…but excellent meaning, a bit inspirational, and it was as much glad as it was sad. If you dare, give it a shot. Good flick over all…I give it four stars…one taken away because of the tears shed. SIGH.

Looking forward to the New Year. A new clean slate, in terms of time.

That’s it for now. Anybody see any movies lately? How was your Christmas?


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