Tuesday, May 11, 2010

♫ Spray Tanning!

I absolutely love that cancer awareness is growing, and there are more and more preventative measures!

Example: Eat less Oreo's. The transfat in a package of oreo's could actually kill you.
Example 2: Spray Tanning! Another benefit? You won't look 80 at 40.

Spray tanning rocks! I got my first one my senior year of high school for prom, and have consistently gotten at least one a year for various reasons...weddings, vacations, etc. I thought I'd put together a few tips, since we're all bounding towards healthier and better looking skin!

#1. Get it done about three days before your event. They last approximately 10 days, which leaves you plenty of time to like or dislike the color. You walk away from the actual tanning room a really neat orange color, have to leave it on for about 24 hours, and then wash it off to a great looking tan color! However, everybody reacts differently, and you may need a few days of time to have it redone.

#2. Dress in really baggy clothes, bring a bathing suit if you're not prepared to strip completely, and take a towel to sit on in your car on your way out. Imagine stepping in to a shower that pours brown liquid, then trying not to get it on any clothes or your car.

#3. Prepare to be awkward. The process, unless you go to a place with an actual machine, is done by hand, with a sprayer gun, by another person. If you were uncomfortable in the locker room at school, this is definitely not for you.

#4. Your skin will LOVE it. Most sprays are actually fully equipped with vitamins and feel-goods for your skin that will leave you more moisturized than before!

#5. If you're vacation is going to include swimming, or there is a chance for rain? I don't recommend it. Be white. It's supposed to stick after a few showers, but there is the chance that it will cause it to run, or fade in certain areas, if exposed to water for longer periods of time. <---totally speaking from experience. My tan literally dripped off and left me streaky.

#6. It looks completely natural, and is safe for your face! The whole purpose of a spray tan is to make you look tan all over. While they offer the option of legs only, I don't personally recommend it.

#7. If you're planning on getting it done for a wedding in August, get it done once in June to make sure you like it. It's affordable (around $30), and worth every bit of work...but it's something you should be used to before your big event.

#8. Do your homework. Check for reviews online to make sure the place you're considering is sanitary, has a great background for quality, and isn't new in the business. It may be higher priced, but the all natural ingredients will be better than a cheap concoction, and sanitation is a must.

Have you ever had a spray tan? What was your experience like? Do you have any other tips for our readers?

Yours Truly,


Lover of your BLOG! said...

I have had many spray tans and have learned the best way to handle them for long term success.

Some hints:
--Pat dry when getting out of the shower, don't scrub yourself.
--Use a washcloth gently to wash your skin in the shower, not a exfoliating sponge.
--Use lotions with NO alcohol in them. The oil based ones from Avon work best for me.

Finally, don't let your dog come up behind you and link the delicious spray tan...because you will have a white tongue mark on the back of your leg! :)

Happy Spray Tanning!

Anonymous said...

I look 80? Ouch! Oh well...I'll stick to the tanning bed anyway. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous...you do NOT look 80! Seriously!

Enjoy the tanning bed anyway! ;)

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