Wednesday, May 5, 2010

♫ My day in 10 steps

I'm a single mom, a friend, a girl friend, a daughter, a hard worker, all in one day. Every day.

My life, broken down in 10 easy steps...

#1. Listen for my girls running out of their room, hoping to join me in bed first thing in the morning to cuddle before we kick the day off.

#2. Next: The morning ritual of a call from Brandon, wishing me a good day.

#3. I walk in from my car, to work. It’s about 100 yards, and I can tell by that walk exactly how the weather is going to behave for the next 12 hours.

#4. Get a warm greeting from my coworkers every morning, reminding me that it wouldn’t hurt to be 10 minutes earlier.

#5. Be grateful for the next half hour that I was ten minutes late because I chose to cuddle with my girls.

#6. Slave away, at a job I love, surrounded via email, Facebook, live chat, and texting…with a support system that never quits.

#7. Pick up my girls and listen to them squueeeeeel when I open the door at the sitters.

#8. Head to our next adventure: Gramma’s house, the park, our friend’s house to jog/play dollies, mastics, etc.

#9. Listen to the girls say their prayers, say my own.

#10. Fall asleep after checking on the girls at least twice, to the sound of Brandon’s voice.

Yours Truly,


Anonymous said...

That is a WONDERFUL ritual/routines in your 10 step day. And it's all HAPPY stuff! Keep on loving your life!

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