Monday, May 2, 2011

Free The Girls update!

Actually, this isn't so much of an update as it is a wrap-up. We wanted you, our awesomely awesome readers to know how many bras we collected, in total.

With bras trickling in even
months after we officially stopped taking them, we were able to donate 376 bras to Free The Girls! {And I don't think we even collected bras from other drop-off points! Am I right, Wyomingwildrose?} This is amazing, people! I don't think we can clearly express just how much this will help those victims who have been rescued from modern-day slavery, who are yet to be rescued and who help with the rescuing. The impact we've made on these people will ripple out and bring so much healing and new life to others. And you helped do it! Bravo to you!!

I (Sazaran) had the chance to meet Kimba, the co-founder of FTG, and talk to her a little bit about what's to come. She informed me that they're well on their way to becoming a non-profit organization which means they'll be able to accept monetary donations as well as bras. They've also had businesses from Denver partner with them and are planning new ways to actually get the bras to Africa.

It just gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling inside, don't it? :)

SO. With that being said, let's keep in mind that there's still so much to do. Human trafficking is a tangled mess of evil that won't easily be squashed. What can you/we still do to keep the efforts of Kimba and countless other fueled?

* Buy the really cute, really stylish shirts that Free The Girls is selling here. Ten percent of the profits go directly toward releasing the captives and putting their captors behind bars.

* Give bras! Duh! Even though our blogging has slowed and we no longer have drop-boxes in public places, we'll still be more than happy if you want to hand over your braziers for the greater good.

* If you don't have bras or have a hoarding problem, you can donate your money to Free the Girls here.

* Spread the word. Word of mouth is really important for Free the Girls right now because the less money they spend on promoting, the more money they can use toward freeing victims.

* Pray. Pray for the women who have been taken; pray that their hope will remain confident in that we are looking for them. Pray that Kimba and Mama T are strengthened and can continue in this amazing cause without discouragement or stress. Pray that the men (and women, because some of them are involved, too) who commit this horrible act against humanity will realize what they're doing and STOP.

To end in an upbeat style, check out these pictures of our journey to free the girls!

Ashley! donated her talent to make us this awesome sign for our bra box. Isn't it pretty?!

A HUGE thank you to Rylee from Cheyenne's News Channel 5 (and Sazaran's fiance, Bruce, for his awesomerest connections) for helping us spread the word about Free the Girls!

Sarah: "We should totally wear these on the outside of our shirts for the interview."
Camera guy: "Please, no."

If you're wondering, YES, the ladies of RJ do get hit on. No, these are not their bras.

They're Nomz's bras. Heh. :)

Sorry ladies, Jay is married. :)

We want to give huge-mongous Thank yous to:

Channel News 5 for highlighting the story and helping us raise our voices

Jay for his awesome attitude and willingness to hop right in and support our efforts.

Ruby Juice for being the main avenue for donations (I think they should have kept the bras for decoration, but that's just me).

Each and every soul who chose to donate new, used and gently used bras. You made the difference. And we love your faces for it.

<3 Nomz and Sazaran

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