Wednesday, March 17, 2010

♥This Mommy Life

You know, there are times that I really miss my childless days. I miss being able to sleep in. I miss showers that last longer than five rushed minutes. I miss being able to wear one outfit throughout the day and not getting any food, juice, snot, dirt, shoe prints, dirty hand prints, or drool on me. I miss meandering through the book store without having to pick up every third book from off the floor. I miss going to places of public interest without carrying my bag plus a fifteen-pound cargo of things to entertain my boy with.

However, there are things in this mommy life that I could never ever live without- and I wouldn't want to. I am so absurdly happy watching my bouncing baby boy grow just a little more each day.

I could never live without the million kisses I receive each day. His rosebud lips are better than any others.

The personal spin he throws on his sign language makes me laugh every time. We like to show off how many words we now know in ASL.

Even though I'm sick of Elmo, Barney, Babe and every other cartoon he has his heart set on, I would rather have their songs stuck in my head than those of some superficial pop singer.

There is not one thing on this planet that can compare to the feeling I get when I see him waiting at the door, watching for me as I walk home from work. And the way he runs into my arms when I step inside? My guts will forever be mush when Malachi gives me loves.

My cuddle bug, who sleeps pressed up against me, with his arms around my neck and his legs slung over mine? He's my most favorite thing.

His laugh, his gut-busting laugh that fills any room he's in and makes my heart soar? I would die without it.

So, yeah, I do miss the old life. But, if I ever had to choose between the two? I'd pick my Malachi over any others, any day, any time, any where. He is the love of my life.


Anonymous said...

This wanted to make me cry. :( I can't even imagine now how life would be without our children. It is so amazing how we created them. I can't get enough of blogs like this one. :)

Sky said...

AMEN! I wouldn't trade any time, even the bad times, with my kids if it meant living without them.

Rebecca said...

Oh, Sarah, this made me cry. I think a mothers heart is one of the most precious and STRONGEST things that God ever created.
The love for a child can't even be put in words, it is so tender, and yet vicous in protection. I would kill tigers for my child, and sacrifice anything to see that innocent smile.

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